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PrIME receives GMP certification from the Health Sciences Authority of Singapore

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The PrIME Biologics Technology



PrIME stands for Preparative Isolation by Membrane Electrophoresis technology. This is the technology used by PrIME Biologics to manufacture its therapeutic plasma products. The PrIME technology is a disposable, modular manufacturing process and is fully scalable. The system can process any volume from 20L to 1,000,000L based on a standard 50L cartridge.

The PrIME process works in an electrical environment as opposed to being pressure driven system. Using the natural charge found on proteins, the PrIME process enables the highly selective purification of the target molecules. The fact that most cellular membranes in nature also possess a charge means that pathogens such as viruses and bacteria can also be selectively removed by this system.

The PrIME plasma process offers a number of advantages over the existing plasma fractionation processes. The existing processes are mostly built on the original Cohn fractionation process which dates back to WWII. The advent of column chromatography has enhanced the selectivity and safety of the existing process. By comparison the PrIME Biologics process provides a higher final product yield, shorter production time and great safety.


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PrIME Biologics has been created by a dedicated team working for over 20 years to bring the PrIME Technology to market. We are proud of the Board and the Management Team which has evolved over this 20 year period into a tight well balanced group focused on delivering Safer Plasma Fractionation Through Innovation.

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