Our Past Supporters

Other Parties who have Supported PrIME Biologics over time

Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB)


The Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), in July 2011, granted PrIME Biologics a ’soft loan’ under the Innovation Development Scheme (IDS) to support the establishment of a Plasma Fractionation Facility in Singapore with the “game changing PrIME disposable plasma mini mill” technology. PrIME Biologics’ work is a significant project that will help Singapore become self-sufficient in the supply of Therapeutic Plasma products. This Soft Loan enabled PrIME Biologics to acquire the Gemini cGMP facility in 2012. We would like to acknowledge and thank the EDB for their visionary support of PrIME Biologics.

The King’s School – Sydney

The Future Project – The Kings School

The Future Project – The Kings School

The King’s School in North Parramatta, Sydney Australia has provided laboratory space to PrIME Biologics Pty Ltd. PrIME Biologics Pty Ltd is a wholly owned Australian subsidiary that undertakes research into plasma fractionation and membrane development. The Kings School has provided this laboratory space as they see the value of involving their students in real world science. We would like to thank the Kings School for its far sighted approach to science education.

Friends and Family

The creation of PrIME Biologics has been a 30+ year effort stemming back to the initial invention by Dr Joel Margolis in 1984. Over this time a number of notable Scientists (Joel, Hari, Perry and Kailing to name a few) have invested their lives to bring Joel’s concept to reality. On the commercial side there has been three individuals; Perry Manusu, Hari Nair and John Manusu who have shepherded, funded and directed the PrIME Technology to commercial reality. Along the way there have been a number of investors who have seen the potential of the PrIME Technology, most notable of these is Ming Chiu. Finally, there has been extensive support from all of the families associated with the evolution of the PrIME Technology. There is something about this technology that involves people and makes them passionate about achieving the goal of bringing the PrIME Technology to reality. To all these people we would like to say, simply ‘Thank You’ as no other words will truly reflect our heart felt feelings of gratitude.