Uwe Schlokat

Uwe Schlokat

Non-Executive Director

MSc (Biology), PhD, Adjunct Prof (Biotechnology), PMP (Project Management Professional, PMI)

Uwe Schlokat obtained his Diploma (Master’s equivalent) in Biology from Heidelberg University (Germany) and earned his PhD in Peter Gruss’ Laboratory from the Center of Molecular Biology in Heidelberg. Subsequently, he moved to Genentech in South San Francisco as a Visiting Scientist in Art Levinson’s Laboratory, before joining Immuno AG in Orth/Austria, where he – starting as a Lab Scientist – built a Molecular Biology and Cell Expression Department in R&D. In this Role, among other Things, he and his Research Group elucidated the Mode of Action of FEIBA, a Product given to Hemophilia A Patients who have developed inhibitory Antibodies against Factor VIII.

At Baxter BioScience – an Industry Leader in the Development, Manufacturing and Sales of Plasma derived and recombinant Products – Uwe transferred to managerial Roles of increasing Responsibilities. Before leaving Baxter, in a dual Role, he was in Charge of Global Project and Portfolio Management of Baxter’s largest and most profitable Business Unit Hemophilia, overseeing new Product Developments of ~ 200 mio US $ annually. All awhile introducing and maturing Project Management Processes, he and his Team of global international Project Leaders very successfully drove early Research Projects into Development, such as recombinant von Willebrand (in Phase III) and Factor VIIa (in Phase III), or ADAMTS 13 (into Phase I). Products brought to Market include Baxject II (Device), Gammagard Liquid, Rixubis (recombinant Factor IX), Immunate SD, Ceprotin (US) or FEIBA NF.

As a Member of Hemophilia’s Executive Management Team, Uwe provided strategic Guidance to this Business Unit.

Subsequently, he joined Sentinext Therapeutics, the leading Vaccine Biotech Company in Malaysia, as its CEO and an Executive Director at its Board of Director. In this Role, he re-strategized the Company, increased Company Value and led Financing for new Capital.

Currently, apart from Prime Biologics (Singapore), Uwe also is a Member of the Board of Directors at Zytoprotec (Chairman; Austria) and Mediaomics (Portugal).

Uwe holds an Adjunct Professorship from the University of Applied Sciences / International Management Center (where he provides a Series of Lectures in Biotechnology) Krems/Austria, has been Reviewer of Grant issuing Organizations and Peer-reviewed Journals, has organized scientific Congresses, is the Author of ~50 Articles and Patents, and is a frequent Speaker at scientific and, more recently, industrial Seminars.

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